Tech sector builds a bridge to recovery

DIGI Managing Director Sunita Bose was interviewed by InnovationAus about what economic recovery from COVID-19 looks like, and the crucial role the technology sector can play.

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Annual transparency reports reveal tech sector progress in the misinformation fight

Monday 29 May 2023 – Today eight major technology companies have released new insights and data into their management of mis- and disinformation in Australia, by filing their annual transparency reports under DIGI’s Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation. In line with the annual reporting period under the code, the reports cover data […]

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DIGI welcomes launch of the National Anti-Scam Centre

On today’s, launch of the National Anti-Scam Centre, DIGI Managing Director Sunita Bose said: “DIGI welcomes the launch and continued funding of the National Anti-Scams Centre (NASC), and we look forward to working with the Government on the details of this important initiative.  “While DIGI’s members invest heavily in protecting Australian consumers from scams, consumers […]

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Online safety, cyber security, privacy and consumer protection boost welcome in Federal Budget

The Digital Industry Group Inc. (DIGI) congratulates the Australian Government on the delivery of the federal budget, and its important funding commitments toward online safety, cyber security, privacy and consumer protection, which are top priorities for DIGI and its members. DIGI Managing Director Sunita Bose said:  “The breadth of today’s digital ecosystem requires relevant regulators […]

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DIGI welcomes the Government providing ACMA with oversight powers over misinformation

MEDIA RELEASE, 20.01.2023: The Digital Industry Group Inc. (DIGI) has broadly welcomed the announcement by the Government today about the ACMA receiving greater oversight powers over mis- and disinformation, and looks forward to engaging with the details once released. DIGI reiterated its in principle support for the granting of new powers to the ACMA that […]

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