A core part of The Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation are the commitments made by platforms to provide public transparency about the steps they are making to combat mis- and disinformation. If we can increase understanding of these complex challenges over time, then industry, government, civil society and academics can all continuously improve their policies and approaches.

That is why every company that signs the code commits to safeguards against harmful misinformation and disinformation, and annual transparency reports about those safeguards. These reports provide new insights into the management and scale of mis- and disinformation in Australia.


The second set of reports were published in May 2022 and cover data from the January 2021 – December 2021 calendar year. As part of improvements to the reporting process, all reports have been reviewed by an independent expert Hal Crawford, who also developed best practice guidelines to guide signatories.


The first set of reports was published on May 22, 2021, exactly three months after the launch of the code. The inaugural transparency reports were accompanied by documentation from each signatory outlining which of the code’s opt-in commitments they are adopting, in addition to the minimum mandatory commitments.


To lodge a complaint under the code, please use the complaint form here. DIGI only accepts complaints from the Australian public where they believe a signatory has materially breached the code’s commitments. DIGI cannot accept complaints about individual items of content on signatories’ products or services, and ask that these be directed to the signatory via their reporting mechanisms or otherwise.  

The code is open to any company in the digital industry as a blueprint for best practice for how to combat mis and disinformation online. If you are interested in adopting the code, please contact us at