DIGI Engage 2020: Bridging divides in isolation & beyond

On June 25-26, we successfully convened the fourth DIGI Engage youth summit. This event is the product of a four year long partnership between the Department of Home Affairs and the digital industry, around our shared goals of countering extremism, that sees 80 digitally-savvy young emerging leaders from around Australia come together to learn new skills to bring people together to overcome hate and fear, online and offline. Three months ago, we had a different event planned before the pandemic hit. While we could have cancelled, we decided it was an important moment to bring young people together virtually. Distance may have forced us apart but, in many ways, the online world has kept us connected, and bringing people together to find ways to overcome societal divisions in order to counter extremism is what DIGI Engage has always been about for four years.

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Launch of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of the Digitally-Enabled Economy

On Tuesday November 26, DIGI helped launch the Parliamentary Friendship Group for the Digitally Enabled Economy at an event at Parliament House, chaired by David Sharma MP and Dr Anne Aly MP, which around 30 MPs have already joined. At the launch event, Andrew Charlton and Michael Brennan presented AlphaBeta’s research into the technology sector’s $122 billion annual contribution to the Australian economy and its potential to grow event further. Going forward, this will be an important forum for the technology industry and MPs to dive into the challenges of the online world -- exploring tough questions in relation to data privacy, online safety, AI ethics and the like -- as well as the opportunities, such as those that the digital economy brings to regional areas and small business.

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DIGI Engage 2019: Bringing people together across divides

A partnership between the Australian Government and the digital industry saw 100 young changemakers gather in Sydney today from June 27-28 to explore and counter hate and extremism at the youth summit DIGI Engage: Bringing people together across divides. Over two days, participants from around Australia who applied to take part learnt from each other and a line-up of international and local speakers about the root causes of societal polarisation, hate speech and extremism. They also workshopped strategies to effectively build bridges offline and online in the face of social division, such as empathy and effective counterspeech.  

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Dynamic competition in dynamic markets: A path forward

This conference, Dynamic Competition in Dynamic Markets: A Path Forward, co-organized by Competition Policy International (CPI) and the Competition Law and Economics Network (CLEN) at the Melbourne Law School and sponsored by DIGI, aims to generate a global perspective on a cutting-edge debate that first began in November 2018 at Harvard Law School. The focus of the conference will be the evolving global economy and the tech industry and its subsequent effects on competition law, policy, and economics.

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