Calling on young Aussies who want to bridge divides and bring people together

The Digital Industry Group Inc. (DIGI) is bringing together young Australians who are committed to stopping hate speech and extremism.

DIGI Engage: Bringing people together across divides is an immersive youth summit that will take place in Sydney from 27-28 June. Selected participants will learn from a line-up of international and local speakers in a practical skills-building event that will empower young people to understand and effectively counter the root causes of hate speech and extremism.

DIGI is currently calling for applications from emerging young-changemakers aged 18-30 from all over Australia to take part in this summit, to be among the 100 young people who will be flown to Sydney for the event.

“If you’re a young person who has experience bringing people together around a cause and you love technology, DIGI Engage is for you,” said Sunita Bose, Managing Director of DIGI.

“We’re looking for young changemakers and innovators who are leaders in their communities, and have a demonstrated interest in social change issues such as countering discrimination, community-building and active citizenship.

“Technology has an amazing power to bring people with shared interests together, but it can also drive people apart through hate speech and other extreme online content.

“Through DIGI Engage, we’re working to empower young people to be a powerful force to unify people in the face of issues that may otherwise divide us.”

Now in its third year, this year’s DIGI Engage will explore societal polarisation, as well as the root causes of hate speech and extremism online and empower participants with the knowledge of how to responsibly and effectively respond.

It will explore digital media literacy, including how to evaluate information sources and online safety.

It will also explore the role of counterspeech and ways to “build bridges” in order to have constructive debate in the face of divisive content.

Applications are open until May 20 at Applicants must be aged 18-30 and live in Australia.


The Digital Industry Group Inc. (DIGI) DIGI advocates for the interests of the digital industry in Australia. Its members include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Verizon Media. DIGI advocates for a balanced approach to regulating the online world that harnesses the tremendous social and economic opportunities digital services bring to Australia and globally, while also ensuring these services are used in a positive and beneficial way.


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