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Targeting Scams Report 2023: Digital industry supports Government’s goal of increased scam reporting

Media statement, 29 April, 2024 –DIGI welcomes the overall decrease in scams and an increase in reporting activity from 2022 to 2023, outlined in the Targeting Scams Report 2023.

In 2023, there was a decrease in scams losses 2.7 billion from 3.1 billion, and there was an overall 18.5% increase in reports of scams from Australians.

DIGI’s Managing Director Sunita Bose said: “Scams have a heartbreaking impact on Australians and while it’s heartening to see an overall increase in reports, sadly, 30% of people who experience a scam don’t report it.1

“The report outlines some of the complex reasons driving this statistic, including stigma. Australians should have no shame in coming forward to report scams if they’ve fallen victim to the sophisticated and organised economic criminals committing large scale fraud. Even if you’re not a victim yourself, reporting activity to companies helps prevent future attempts and protect other Australians.

“As well as the proactive scam-removal technology deployed by digital platforms, user reporting is critically important as it provides the teams working 24/7 on this issue with vital information to take action. To help those efforts, DIGI has prepared a new publicly available ‘how to report scams on digital platforms’ guide for Australian consumers to encourage reporting from all communities.”

DIGI shares the Government’s goal in seeking to lift the bar to ensure robust and effective approaches to scams in relevant industries. DIGI agrees with the Government that industry codes, including for the digital industry, have the potential to create greater accountability around this work, and will continue our close engagement with Government on these efforts.

DIGI is concerned about the year on year increase of losses from social media and online forums from 2022 to 2023, which includes online trading sites, professional forums and online dating services, but is pleased to see there are reductions month-on-month in losses from that group for most of the second half 2023,2 which we want to see continue.

DIGI’s Managing Director Sunita Bose said: “DIGI and its members collaborate deeply with many of the ACCC’s National Anti-Scams Centre (NASC) and applaud its work in bringing together industry, consumer groups, and Government for increased action. Together, we can make Australia a harder target for the criminals that run scam operations.”