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Statement by DIGI Managing Director Sunita Bose in response to the Online Safety Select Committee inquiry

“DIGI shares the Government’s strong commitment to online safety, having partnered with them to develop industry codes of practice on misinformation and for the Online Safety Act.

“We welcome this committee as a way to have a deeper conversation about the immense amount of industry work in online safety – such as policies, teams, technology and partnerships – and the challenges.

“The inquiry also presents an opportunity to ensure consistency, effectiveness and a whole-of-Government approach to online safety, privacy and cyber security.

“With hearings in mid-December, the consultation processes for this inquiry and the many related pieces of legislation currently moving in parallel need to allow time for the broad scope of affected companies, civil society, academics, parents and educators to meaningfully participate.”

DIGI is a non-profit industry association that advocates for the interests of the digital industry in Australia. DIGI’s founding members are Apple, eBay, Google, Linktree, Meta, Twitter, Snap and Yahoo, and its associate members are Change.org, Gofundme, ProductReview.com.au and Redbubble. DIGI’s vision is a thriving Australian digitally-enabled economy that fosters innovation, a growing selection of digital products and services, and where online safety and privacy are protected.